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Preserve and Protect

Curio Bay’s rugged natural beauty and its rare and endangered wildlife attract a growing number of visitors every year.

A huge part of what makes the natural environment so unique is its sensitive nature which requires careful preservation. The Petrified Forest is 170 million years old and of the few found worldwide Curio Bay is one of the most extensive and least disturbed. The yellow-eyed penguin, Hectors dolphin and New Zealand sea lions that frequent the area are the rarest and most endangered of their species in existence.

The community’s want to see this special place accessible to visitors but also well managed and protected for the benefit of future generations.

Did you know?

A portion of proceeds from products sold in The Store at Tumu Toka CURIOSCAPE go towards the conservation and preservation work done by the South Catlins Charitable Trust on behalf of the local community.

Become a Kaitiaki / Guardian

Become a Kaitiaki or Guardian of Curio Bay and help support the South Catlins Charitable Trust by making a donation to aid them in their conservation and preservation activities.

Donations can either be at a level of your choosing or a $150 contribution to the development of the Living Forest and its walkway. The Living Forest is a direct descendant of the Petrified Forest and thought to be the only place in the world where one lies so close to its petrified counterpart. The Trust are working to protect it and restore it to its original state. Guardians who donate to the Living Forest will have their name engraved on one of the interpretation panels on the walkway in recognition of their support.

All other contributions will be used by the Trust and the community to:

  • Protect the Petrified and Living Forests for future generations
  • Restore the habitat of endangered wildlife and native species
  • Fence and protect wildlife from predators and livestock
  • Develop and construct walkways in the area
  • Provide education on appropriate wildlife interaction

The Trust would love to keep you updated on their work in Curio Bay. If you wish to receive communication from them please indicate via the tick box when making your donation.