Breakfast & Lunch Menu


Toast and Spreads - $11

Selection of traditional New Zealand spreads.

Lost Eggy Toast (French Toast) - $16

Served with Banana, Bacon or Mixed Berries Drizzled with Maple Syrup

Eggs Benedict - $18

Your choice of Smoked Salmon or Crispy Bacon.  (GF* optional)

The Gate Way Full Breakfast - $22

Sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, hashbrowns and an egg.

Pancakes - $14

Bacon & banana or mixed berry.  (GF* optional)   


Flax Burger (Note: No Flax Included) (V) - $22

Vegetable Rosti, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Onion Rings trickled with Tomato Relish

Soup of the Day (GF / DF) - $16

Served with Toasted Bread

Chunky Seafood Chowder - $20

Served with Toasted Bread

Hector’s Catch (Catch of the Day) - $24

Served with Seasoned Fries and Fresh Garden Salad.  (GF* optional)

Triassic Chicken Burger - $20

Golden Crumbed Chicken with Lettuce, Tomato, Apricot Sauce, Served between an Artisan Burger Bun

Salmon or Chicken Volcanic Crater (Salad) - $22

Served with Fresh Garden Salad and Fresh Ciabatta and Pesto (Dairy Free)

Jurassic Pizza - $20

Your choice of Smoked Chicken and Brie or Traditional Hawaiian (Gluten Free optional)